Swine U – Vaccinations and Protocols
On today's program, Seth Playter is joined by Jesus Garcia, pork production specialist from Zoetis, to review vaccinations and protocols for success.
Swine U – Individual Sow Care (Sow Farm Profile)
On today's program, Seth Playter teams up with Emma Lasco, pork production specialist from Zoetis to talk about Sow Farm Profiles.
Swine U – Individual Pig Care: The ABC’s of Disease
The show today is all about identifying sick pigs as part of individual pig care. Our host Seth Playter welcomes Emma Lasco, pork production specialist from Zoetis, to review the ABC's of disease.
Series Finale
It's the last one folks - tune in as Doc Jake hosts his last Chuteside video, sharing some of the best moments that the series brought to us.
Do I Need to Vaccinate Calves for Pneumonia in the Spring?
If you seldom see pneumonia in the summer, the question may come up if calves need to be vaccinated in the spring before going out to grass. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center explains why these vaccines are important.
Swine U – Becoming Vaccinologists
Seth Playter gives critical vaccination tips for care givers.
Swine U – Barn Walk Throughs
Seth Playter provides a helpful review of barn walk throughs
Swine U – Ventilation
Tune in as Seth Playter highlights ventilation in today's episode.
Swine U – Trucking
After you've kept the pigs healthy at home, keeping them happy and alive during transport is also important.
Swine U – Water
On this episode of Swine U, Seth Playter talks about the importance of water to raising healthy pigs.