Swine U – Biosecurity
It's a topic that is always up for discussion - which is why Seth Playter is covering it on this episode.
How Many Cattle Fit in my Trailer?`
Hauling cows or calves this fall and wondering how many you can take on each trip? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center gives details on how many cattle will fit in your trailer. Compliments to Progressive Cattlemen for the handy reference table found at https://www.progressivecattle.com/images/downloads/2017/09/1017pc-bqa-spread.pdf .
Swine U – Environment pt. 2
On Swine U today, join Seth Playter today for part 2 of environment.
How to Move Cattle to Cornstalks
Now that harvest is winding down, it's time to clean up the field with cows. Explore the insights and mishaps with Doc Jake as he takes cattle to stalks!
Swine U – Environment pt. 1
On Swine U today, join Seth Playter today for part 1 of environment.
Does it Pay to Preg your Cows?
Generic Rancher Ron wonders if he should preg check his cows this fall, and Doc Jake explains why it would make cents...pun intended.
Do my Cows Need Supplemental Feed on Cornstalks?
Have you wondered if your cows could use some extra feed while grazing stalks? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center has the answer!
Can Your Weaned Calves Access Their Feed
After water, the most important factor in successful weaning is having quality feed available. However, just because you put it in the bunk doesn't mean that it is fully available to all the calves. Doc Jake from Sioux Nation Ag Center explains.
Swine U – Feed
What goes into your pigs is important. Field Marketer and production consultant has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help producers raise that bottom line.
What Should I Deworm my Calves with at Weaning?
With so many options on the market, choosing the right dewormer to use at weaning can seem confusing. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center gives the straight answer!