Should I Tube Electrolytes or IV a Calf with Scours?
Knowing when to tube feed electrolytes to scouring calf versus when it is best to do an IV makes a significant difference in the health outcome. Doc Jake with Sioux National Ag Center details when one method should be selected before the others.
What is Dakota Start Paste Used For?
Dakota Start Paste is a product for young calves available from Sioux Nation Ag Center. But what exactly does it do? Doc Jake gives the details.
Why are Lice Worse on Cattle in the Winter?
Lice are a problem that seem to be the most frustrating to deal with during January and February, but why? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center has the skinny!
Keeping Calves Healthy When Calving in the Cold
Cold weather calving has its positives and negatives, but one that can get missed is biosecurity. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center discusses how to keep disease at a minimum after the calves are born.
Should I Implant my Feedyard Cattle?
With premiums available for certain non-implanted cattle, many wonder if using an implant is worth it. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center talks about where they are cost-effective, and where they are not.
Swine U – Ventilation
Tune in as Seth Playter highlights ventilation in today's episode.
Swine U – Receiving
Join Seth Playter as he reviews the important aspects of receiving
Can We Determine Heifer Fertility Before Breeding?
We spend a lot of time and money developing heifers and we don't realize the full benefits of our investment unless they get bred. So is there a way to sort those who are likely to settle from those that are not? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center explains one method that can help!
What Should I Use to Treat Cattle with Coccidiosis?
Coccidia is a nasty disease, causing bloody scours in cattle. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center gives some insights into how to control this disease in cattle on arrival to the feedyard or at weaning time.
Swine U – Marketing and Sorting Before Loading
Join Seth Playter as he reviews the importance of marketing and sorting hogs prior to loading.