Series Finale
It's the last one folks - tune in as Doc Jake hosts his last Chuteside video, sharing some of the best moments that the series brought to us.
Do I Need to Vaccinate Calves for Pneumonia in the Spring?
If you seldom see pneumonia in the summer, the question may come up if calves need to be vaccinated in the spring before going out to grass. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center explains why these vaccines are important.
Investing in a good parasite program
Doc Jake outlines the financial returns when Longrange dewormer is used correctly and at the proper time.
When Should I Test my Bulls before Turnout?
As busy as life is on the farm in spring, it can be hard to know when to get the bulls in to be tested. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center talks about the best timing.
Should I Give Milk to a Scouring Calf?
Is it OK to give milk to a calf with scours? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center explains why milk is necessary in this situation.
Fixing a Calf’s Broken Leg
When a calf breaks a leg, it's hard to know what the next step is for repairing it. Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center explains how a veterinarian decides what to do to help the calf.
How to get a Weak Scouring Calf to Stand
When a calf with scours is too weak to stand, it is likely suffering from acidosis secondary to the scours infection. Tune in to this episode of Questions´┐╝ with Generic Rancher Ron to find out how we can get that calf back on its feet!
Should I Tube Electrolytes or IV a Calf with Scours?
Knowing when to tube feed electrolytes to scouring calf versus when it is best to do an IV makes a significant difference in the health outcome. Doc Jake with Sioux National Ag Center details when one method should be selected before the others.
What is Dakota Start Paste Used For?
Dakota Start Paste is a product for young calves available from Sioux Nation Ag Center. But what exactly does it do? Doc Jake gives the details.
Why are Lice Worse on Cattle in the Winter?
Lice are a problem that seem to be the most frustrating to deal with during January and February, but why? Doc Jake with Sioux Nation Ag Center has the skinny!