Swine U – Where Information Intersects with Experience

In August, Sioux Nation Ag Center launched a new video series entitled Swine U. Initially, segments will highlight the basics of hog production, covering topics related to environment, feed, and health. Much of the first information shared will be a review for most producers, yet are essential reminders. As time goes on, however, the series will delve more deeply into topics like African swine fever and biosecurity advances.

Hosting each segment is field marketer and production consultant Seth Playter. Drawing from his work with regional pork producers, Playter realized that he could either share information with producers on an individual basis or find a way to duplicate his efforts more efficiently. At that time, a worldwide pandemic hit and forced most companies to adapt to new ways of conducting business. According to Playter, “The challenges of COVID-19 included the halt of personal visits with customers, leaving us searching for another way to reach them. The idea of a video series like Swine U became very appealing, as producers can access production tips whenever it is most convenient for them.” Playter further explains, “We strive to make Sioux Nation Ag Center the first and only call that livestock producers need to make. That one call puts them in touch with a team of experts and the most competitively priced services and products in the industry. It’s only natural that we use every resource we have to help them find success.”

Playter wasn’t the only employee looking for a way to stay connected to producers during a time of social distancing. Last year, Sioux Nation Ag Center’s Jake Geis, DVM launched his humorous and very informative video series Chuteside with Doc Jake. Within that series are episodes that answer Questions from Generic Rancher Ron and provide production tips on How-to with Doc Jake. Watching the response to the beef production videos, Playter admits, “I’m no Doc Jake, yet I want Sioux Nation Ag Center to be a resource for pork producers like he is for beef producers.”

Segments of Swine U are released weekly on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They can be found on the Sioux Nation Ag Center website www.siouxnationag.com/resources/videos/.

Excited about the new series, Playter says, “Making these production resources available 24/7 is just one more way that Sioux Nation Ag Center fulfills its mission of helping independent producers remain a viable part of the food system.”