Step Up Your Biosecurity with Danish Entry

In the last 12 months, poultry producers heard horror stories and tackled the challenges of protecting their operations against high path avian influenza. Although we discuss biosecurity often, simple methods that offer a great level of protection can be implemented daily. The Danish Entry method is a straightforward yet effective way to keep protection procedures in mind each time you enter the barn. Danish Entry can be explained as a blocked-off area with a barrier between the inside and outside of your barns. This barrier can help stop the spread of harmful pathogens to poultry living in a confinement system. Establishing an entry plan into your barns helps improve biosecurity on your farm. Follow these simple steps to utilize Danish Entry as your first line of defense.

When entering the barn, follow these steps:
Step1: Always enter only through the Danish Entry
Step 2: Remove your clothing and shoes and leave them in the dirty area in front of the barrier
Step 3: Swing your feet over the barrier into the clean area
Step 4: If showering is not an option, wash hands with disinfectant
Step 5: Put on barn coveralls and boots from the clean area of the barrier
Step 6: Enter the barn

When exiting the barn, follow these steps:
Step 1: Exit the barn into the clean side of the Danish Entry
Step 2: Remove coveralls and boots
Step 3: Shower is possible, otherwise use hand sanitizer on your hands
Step 4: Swing your feet over the barrier and put on your original clothes and shoes
Step 5: Exit through the Danish Entry system

When reviewing your biosecurity protocols, remember minor procedures, such as this Danish Entry method, can be very effective in keeping your farm free of unwanted disease challenges. Continue to use various techniques and tips to improve your farm’s biosecurity each time you step in the barn. Try to be better each time, and don’t back down on your established standards.

Sioux Nation Ag Center is here to help you maximize biosecurity practices, like the Danish Style Entry, to help you raise the best birds. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to analyze your biosecurity and develop a personalized plan for turkey and all other types of poultry farms!