Kids In Ag: Meet Shelby Kellenberger

Shelby Kellenberger will be a 2022 graduate of West Lyon High School. She is involved in marching band, cheerleading, drama, NHS and golf. Shelby will be attending college for marketing and would love to raise her family on a farm and instill the same love of agriculture that she found growing up.

Q. What made you want to join 4-H and FFA?
Growing up on a farm, my family was very involved in agriculture, which showed me that I wanted to be involved in agriculture. My older sister belonged to our local 4-H club, and I could not wait to be a part of that group. I joined 4-H as a 4th grader and have been involved ever since. My parents and older sister were in FFA in high school, and the classes and activities that the organization offered throughout the year made me want to get involved. I started as a freshman and have achieved many things through various events.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your involvement in ag activities, and what would you say to younger students considering those activities?
I most enjoyed the number of opportunities offered. In both organizations, I learned that a higher level of involvement enhances the experience. The number of options within these groups is crazy! It is very eye-opening that you don’t need to live on a farm to be in either of these organizations. People may have the misconception that these organizations are only about living on a farm and dealing with animals. Many never realize how our groups give back to the community. I have so many great memories of giving back and helping others through 4-H and FFA. That is why I highly urge younger students who have even the slightest bit of interest in 4-H or FFA to give it a try. The opportunities are endless, and you are bound to find something in either organization that you’d enjoy.

Q. What do you think being in 4H, FFA, and other Ag activities have taught you?
4-H and FFA have taught me many valuable life lessons, including social and presentation skills. Talking one-on-one with the judge in 4-H involvement static judging helped me develop confidence when talking to people. FFA helped me strengthen the skills that I learned in 4-H. My Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) in FFA taught me the importance of good record keeping. This experience aided me as the FFA Chapter Secretary for the past two years, even helping my secretary book earn gold at state.

Q: Who helped you succeed in your Ag-related achievements?
My parents have always been my number one supporters, and they have helped me succeed in all of my Ag-related achievements. They encouraged me with every new activity. My FFA Advisors, 4-H leaders, and County Council leaders have helped me along the way through everything related to their organizations and more. They have pushed me to do new things that I wouldn’t have tried without their help.