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The name says it all…Profit Maker! Feed is the largest single cost item for producers – so it needs to be the best! Profit Maker Feed isn’t an “off the shelf” product.

We personally talk to each of our producers and blend feed that meets your herd’s nutritional needs. From swine and poultry to cattle and sheep, our feeds use high quality ingredients that provide easily digestible nutrients to promote immune function and maximize each animal’s growth potential.

With Profit Maker Feed your herd receives a balanced diet high in nutrients and low on cheap fillers. Profit Maker Feed makes a healthier herd and a healthier bottom line!

See how Profit Maker Feed can feed your bottom line – call Sioux Nation Ag Center today and let us be your partner for a healthy herd.


Reduce cost and improve daily gains
Fermentation technology makes it possible to use tasty by-products from the food industry as pig feed. Lots of nutrient-filled potatoes, corn, peas, beans, etc. are thrown away. Why not use this under-utilized food in pig production? Choose CFLF to help control feed costs. FERMENTATIONEXPERTS guarantees reduced feed costs.

CFLF improves health status
Stomach health in swine production is essential for the well-being of the pig, for your economy and for final meat quality. No unwanted bacteria are able to survive when pH is lowered to below 4.0. This is why you always want liquid feed with a low pH-value. This is guaranteed with Controlled Fermented Liquid Feeding (CFLF).