The Sioux Nation Poultry Team

The Sioux Nation Poultry Team

Poultry Producers across the Midwest rely on our Poultry Team for advise, answers and products to raise healthy birds. No matter what area of service you need Sioux Nation has you covered with Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Field Marketers and Service Technicians.

  • Poultry medicine - Turkey, broilers, layers, pheasants, geese, and ducks
  • Poultry management
  • Poultry education
  • Biosecurity Audits
  • Probiotic, essential oils, non-traditional poultry medicine
  • Biologics field trial design
  • Vaccinology
  • Flock health from 10 birds to 10 million birds
  • Develop customized VTM complete rations

At Sioux Nation Ag Center we help Poultry Producers feed their bottom line!

Poultry Medicine

Check out the latest issue of our poultry magazine!

Check out the latest issue of our poultry magazine!


Myron Tiedeman

Myron Tiedeman

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Phone: 712-541-2589
SN Location: Sioux Falls, SD


Dr. Andrew Smith

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Dr. Andrew Smith grew up on his family's nursery to finish swine farm outside of Exira, Iowa where he also helped raise backyard flocks of broilers, layers, turkeys, and geese. He obtained his bachelor's degree in biology from Buena Vista University in northwest Iowa and then went on to graduate veterinary school at Iowa State University in 2017 where he focused on poultry and food production medicine. During veterinary school, he spent time researching diagnostics and foreign diseases for the Center for Food Security & Public Health and is excited to put his knowledge to work with Sioux Nation Ag helping producers reach their full potential. In his spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys running, outdoor activities, and cheering on Iowa State athletics.

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Phone: 763-486-8658
SN Location: Sioux Falls, SD

• University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, Bachelors of Arts in Animal Science with an emphasis in Dairy Production Management
• University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

• Poultry medicine - Turkey, Broilers, Layers, Pheasants, Geese, and Ducks
• Poultry management
• Poultry education
• Antibiotic Free/Raised Without Antibiotics Production
• Biosecurity Audits
• PAACO Certified/Welfare Audits
• Breeder Selection
• Genetic Selection
• Probiotic, essential oils, non-traditional poultry medicine
• Vaccinology
• Licensed in MN, WI & SD


Dr. Rob Fischer

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Phone: (712) 348-2850
SN Location: SD and Iowa

Dr. Robert Fischer grew up in Northeast, Nebraska on a diversified farming operation, consisting of a farrow to finish swine operation, cow-calf operation, corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. It was on that operation working with his father and mother that he developed a love for animal production and furthered his education in animal production at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Fischer attained three advance degrees from UNL, his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Animal Science in 1997, Master's Degree in Swine Nutrition in 2001, and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Swine Nutrition in 2005. During his time working on his Masters and PhD. degrees, he also worked as a Research Technologist helping other graduate student's set-up and complete their swine feeding experiments to attain their advanced degrees. After finishing his advanced degrees, Dr. Fischer started working at Sioux Nation Ag in the summer of 2005 as a monogastric nutritionist with a focus in swine nutrition, but over the last 5 years has also diversified into working with and formulating diets for turkey operations. Dr. Fischer is committed to helping customers raise productive pigs and turkeys. Sow nutrition, nursery and brooder feeding programs, and anti-biotic free swine and turkey production are areas of interest for Dr. Fischer. In his spare time he enjoys spending time at his kids activities, being outdoors working around the house, working on the family farm, and spending time with family.

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Phone: (605) 496-8649
SN Location: SD and Iowa

• Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from The University of Kentucky

• Masters Degree in Swine Nutrition from The University of Kentucky

• PHD in Swine Nutrition from The University of Kentucky

• Awarded the 2013 Stahly/Peo Outstanding Swine Nutrition Midwest Graduate Student Award

• Awarded the prestigious IIC (International Ingredient Corporation) Pinnacle Award for his nutritional contributions to the swine industry

Technical Services

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Phone: 605-771-9874
SN Location: Sioux Falls

Robert Hoiten grew up on his family farm outside of Montrose, SD where his passion for agriculture began. He attended South Dakota State University for a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. He plans to get a Masters Degree in Monogastric Nutrition. Robert has a strong background in animal agriculture his family raises sheep and hogs. Robert started working for Sioux Nation as an intern focusing on flock management and diagnostics. Robert now works as a technical service person for poultry at Sioux Nation Ag Center. Management, nutrition, and overall bird health are his areas of expertise. Unlike many, Dr. Luke Baldwin personally trained Robert for over six months; Robert has been trained in advanced diagnostics, poultry management, and poultry diseases. Robert is committed to raising great birds in South Dakota. In his free time he enjoys attending sporting events, hunting, fishing, training hunting dogs, and being with his family.

Field Marketer

Jon DeBates

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Phone: 605-370-2568
SN Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Jon grew up in Montrose, SD where he developed an interest in business, agriculture, and technology. He studied computer information systems at Dakota State University in Madison, SD. He has been working for Sioux Nation Ag Center for the past four years; Jon is not new to Sioux Nation Ag Center. Jon's father, Jeff Debates, has been working at Sioux Nation for 25 years. Jon has spent time within the company working many different positions really gaining insight into all the workings of the company. Most of his time in the sales division has been spent working with Hutterite Colonies in Eastern South Dakota. In his spare time he likes to watch sporting events, hang out with friends, and work on vehicles.