Dr. Evan VanBeusekom


  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, Bachelors of Arts in Animal Science with an emphasis in Dairy Production Management
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


  • Poultry medicine - Turkey, Broilers, Layers, Pheasants, Geese, and Ducks
  • Poultry management
  • Poultry education
  • Antibiotic Free/Raised Without Antibiotics Production
  • Biosecurity Audits
  • PAACO Certified/Welfare Audits
  • Breeder Selection
  • Genetic Selection
  • Probiotic, essential oils, non-traditional poultry medicine
  • Vaccinology
  • Licensed in MN and WI


Dr. VanBeusekom grew up in Delano, MN. He was an active 4-H member who raised and showed poultry, rabbits, and registered and grade montadales. He also showed beef and dairy for producers in the surrounding areas. His passion for purebred poultry and poultry judging grew into a career in poultry medicine. He became a veterinarian to help producers make more money, make the task of raising a wholesome product easier, and improve the end commodity quality. During his time at the University of Minnesota he spent much of his time learning about population medicine. Large dairies, large hog flows, and poultry systems made up the focus of his experience and studies. He believes that cross training aids in out-of-the-box solutions that have never been more important as we modify and increase production in Antibiotic-Free Production as well as other niche markets. He spent much of his externships and internships in the major hog integrators and allied industries in the swine industries. He spent time with Swine Services Unlimited, Swine Vet Center in St. Peter, Pipestone Systems, Murphy Brown East, Premium Standard Farms, New Fashion Pork, PIC, and Circle H Animal Health, working with dairy and swine.

Dr. VanBeusekom most recently spent four and a half years with Jennie-O Turkey Store building the Raised Without Antibiotic Program (Antibiotic-Free) from the ground up. He has been published multiple times in both swine and poultry medicine, and has contributed much to the biosecurity arena with his background in swine. He brought the Danish Entry System to the Jennie-O Turkey Store system and contributed the idea of filtering the air entering turkey barns to lower the risk of HPAI transmission via aerosol. He has ambitions to sit for his poultry boards within the next two years.

Dr. VanBeusekom spends his spare time working out, play softball and broomball. He raises pedigree geese and other exhibition poultry. He has also raises Registered Shorthorns and Red Angus and club lambs. Dr. VanBeusekom believes in an open veterinary truck door policy; he thoroughly enjoys mentoring future animal scientists and aspiring veterinarians. If you have any questions about your flock or production system, or know of pastureland to rent or buy in the Brookings area, do not hesitate to utilize his expertise and advice. He is always only an email away.