Dairy Nutrition

On Dairy Farms, the cows are the stars and Sioux Nation Ag Center makes sure the cows get what they need to keep the milk flowing. Without them, we wouldn’t have milk and cookies!

Good animal welfare practices lead to the production of high quality, safe and wholesome milk, and Sioux Nation Ag Center is constantly seeking ways to improve the comfort of your animals. We have a team of veterinarians and nutritionists who specialize in dairy to make sure they have proper medical care and well balanced diets.

You can count on Sioux Nation to work with you to develop custom nutrition solutions needed to meet the nutrient requirements for optimum herd health, reproduction efficiency and calf health, and milk production; and to provide management support to help reduce risk, manage costs and successfully market your cattle.

Since 1960 we’ve partnered with producers across the Midwest. We hope we can partner with you to feed your bottom line.

Milk Solids Calculator

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