The Sioux Nation Dairy Team

Since 1960 Dairymen have turned to Sioux Nation Ag Center for reliable production and herd health information and support. We have professionals who help you manage your dairy operation from the front of the barn to the back of the barn. Every farm is different, that's why Sioux Nation takes a team approach to help you in every aspect of your business. Field Marketers, Veterinarians and Nutritionists, we're all working to help you be sustainable and profitable.


  • Dairy reproductive services including breeding protocols and ultrasound reproductive exams.
  • Heifer rearing consulting on health, nutrition, and environmental issues including ventilation. We are trained to design positive pressure ventilation tubes.
  • Designing and reviewing protocols (i.e. vaccination, treatment, etc.) from calf to dry cow. We can produce these in English and Spanish.
  • Milk quality consulting including parlor procedure evaluations, testing pulsator function, in house milk culturing, and on farm culture training.
  • Train herd personnel to perform various on farm animal health tasks.
  • Analysis of dairy herd records for comparison against industry benchmarks.