The Sioux Nation Beef Team

Since 1960 Sioux Nation Ag Center has been a partner to Cattlemen across the Midwest. A majority of our cattle experts are Producers themselves, which means they understand the industry, the struggles and the pride that goes with raising the best beef in the world. When you work with Sioux Nation you'll have a team of experts working along side you. Field Marketers, Veterinarians, and Nutritionists. We also have the products to raise a healthy, profitable herd:


  • A chuteside data collection and analysis program. Key data points are collected and entered by our veterinary team while your cattle are being preg checked. From there, Cattlytics stratifies the data into specific categories that identify your herd's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Using chuteside information in conjunction with the weight of the cows, Cattlytics can generate revenue projections for next year. By combining these revenue projections with expense projections that the team at Sioux Nation can help you create, we can produce cash flows that identify opportunities for profit within your operation.

  • Measure your herd's efficiency
  • Track intake and marketing information in real time
  • Access complete health, financial and performance records
  • Billing to investors for custom yards is available

  • Custom blend feed and mineral specifically for your herd